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`Uloom al-Tasawwuf - Sciences of Islamic Spirituality

Once a well known and practised dimension of Islam, Tasawwuf has now become lost in translation. Either due to academics who have labelled it as a cultish practice based on superstition or claimants to the way of Tasawwuf who have abandoned its true meaning and practice and thus leaving this aspect, which is the true essence of the religion, open to misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

This course aims to deliver authentic and well established principles of spirituality as passed down to the scholars of our institute from unbroken chains leading up to various spiritual masters in the history of Islam. Students will learn to appreciate the role and importance of Tasawwuf in their everyday lives.

There are two components to this course:

  1. Qawaa’id al-Tasawwuf- Principles of Islamic Spirituality

    This covers the principles of tasawwuf, their evidences from the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

    • al-Fuyoozat al-Muhammadiyah – Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
    • Sulook-e-Tasawwuf Ka ‘Amaliy Dastoor,
    • Husn-e-A’maal,
    • Husn-e-Akhlaaq,
    • Husn-e-Ahwaal,
    • Haqeeqat-e-Tasawwuf,
    • at-Ta’arruf,
    • Risalah-Qushayriyyah [Imam Abu al-Qasim al-Qushayri]
    • Khitab-ul-Luma [Imam Abu Nasr Siraj at-Tusi]
    • Lectures of Shaykh-ul-Islam on Tasawwuf aur Taleemat e Sufiyaa.
  2. Tasawwuf – Islamic Spirituality

    This covers the application and practice of Tasawwuf as taught through the life of the Prophet (SAW), his companions and the Salaf and the rightly guided saints and scholars. Students will be taught from some of the most recognised books of Spirituality from Spiritual masters such as Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani and Mawlana Jalaludin al-Balkhi al-Rumi. By the study of these texts students will come to appreciate the role of practical Tasawwuf in their everyday lives.

    • Ghunyat al-Talibeen – An encyclopaedic work by the Chief of Saints Sahykh Abdul Qadir al-Gilani covering every aspect of inward and outward life.
    • Awarif al-Ma’arif – A classic manual on daily practices and study for the seekers of divine truth by Shaykh Shihab al-Din As-Soharwardi.
    • Kashf-ul-Mahjoob – The first ever book on the subject of Tasawwuf in the Persian language. It is an exposition on practical tasawwuf.
    • Mathnawi-i-Ma’nawi – Considered by many as the most important work in spiritual literature this is a collection of poems of profound spiritual meaning composed by Mawlana Jalaludin Muhammad Balkhi al-Rumi. The Mathnawi contains commentary of the Qur’an and Hadith and draws heavily on stories of the pious. When decoded it contains layers upon layers of guidance for the spiritual seeker.